Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gears of War 4 Deebee Campaign

Gears of War 4 Deebee Campaign Footage

"What the hell did you guys do?!"
"Funny story, Dad. We have no idea."

I loved Gears of War, all the way through, even the rough patches. The rough patches being much of Gears of War 3. Overall, I had a great time with it. It wasn't as creepy as the first two, not as tense. There were moments that were just as difficult, though, like the enclosed area with that huge lambent Berserker, and I was playing on Hardcore. So, when I finally killed that one it was satisfying. Normally I would play through a second time so I could play on Insane, but I don't think I bothered with another round of Gears 3, because it wasn't smooth sailing.

There were some problems that, while not terrible, had me moving onto a different game right after the credits rolled. I was more satisified with the emotional storytelling than the gameplay because of the silly-stupid decisions the AI would make. They would either rush off into the fray and get themselves knocked down, while I was pinned down fighting everyone by myself just trying to inch toward my brothers in arms before they died, or they would mow down the Locust and leave nothing for me to do. And then there was a certain suicidal-sacrificial character. I was okay with that because it worked within the story and seemed to be where he was headed since the second game. There was no coming back for him.

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But my brothers were having none of that; those few problems outweighed the good for them. One was so disappointed in it that he regretted purchasing the deluxe edition and never fails to take an opportunity to remind me. He just can't look at the statue of Marcus without being annoyed with the decisions that were made for Gears 3. That and his disappointment in Assassin's Creed IV, Dead Space 3, *Halo 5, and some others over the years, have made him very wary of the last in a trilogy or the next sequel that has been rushed out. If that ever happens to Grand Theft Auto or his newest obsession, Shadow of Mordor, then I'm afraid it will dampen his enthusiasm for games in general.

Well, I hope The Coalition does enough to convince people who who felt betrayed by Gears 3 or Judgment (my brothers didn't even bother with that one) to give the series another chance. I'm excited at least. The gameplay looks like Gears, I hear Marcus, I see enemies being taken down by the Lancer. Crossing my fingers that this is one worthy of our time like the near perfect Gears 2. I say near perfect because nothing is perfect, but I had not one complaint with that game. Just a damn lot of fun.

*By the way, I adored Dead Space 3 and Halo 5. Crank up the difficulty, turn off the lights, and send the Necromorphs or Guardians my way. Holy shit, those Guardians were tough bastards and the Necromorphs always had jumping out of my skin.

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