Friday, December 30, 2011

Forza 4 Car Editor

I thought I had spent a lot of time creating characters in RPGs over the years, but nothing compares to Forza Motorsport 4's editor. My brother has hardly played the game. He's basically been playing with car colors for three days. I'm sure I'll do the same when I'm finished with Arkham City. If I would just stop button mashing!

I don't actually play a lot of RPGs, at least not anymore, since there's so little time now. Damn job! Can't I just be 15 again? But I will be getting The Elderscrolls V: Skyrim...eventually. There's no doubt about that. Haven't finished Fallout 3 yet (yeah, you read me right), because it is on one of my brother's XBoxes, so I just played other games and I would always forget to bring a memory card to his house. My Mass Effect save is still stuck there, because I know if I try to move it to my current 360 it will fuck up (from experience, Microsoft's "customer service" is a massive clusterfuck that will run braindead circles around you until you no longer know how to tie your own shoes...or anyone else's), and I'll have to either play it again or play Mass Effect 2 without any of the choices I made in the first. I saved the krogan. I want him to come with me to the sequel.

The finale is supposed to be released in March 2012, not long from now, so I better take a stab at it again. I originally signed into my profile and tried copying both games to my memory card, but only Fallout worked. Maybe if I move instead of copying? Haven't done this in two years; I'm never there. I also heard that maybe the cloud storage would work by moving to the cloud from bro's box and then saving to mine. Need a Gold membership, though. Can't afford it, never needed it. Gotta do a trial and then cancel. Blech. Bullshit.


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