Thursday, December 17, 2015

Kill Him, Mr. B

Life. It's half of the name of this blog. It's a wonderful thing. It's also an exasperating, exhausting thing that often prevents me from doing what I want. What I want is to update this blog with something...anything! And I finally have a few minutes to do so. I could not pass up the opportunity to showcase this gorgeous Bioshock t-shirt. There are so many I would have loved to post - and still will eventually in the future - but I've been so bogged down with other stuff that it was impossible.

Since Bioshock is one of the most memorable games I have played, this is the perfect excuse to finally interrupt life for once. Go away work, no thinking about Christmas shopping, put the tons of holiday baking out of my mind, because "Kill Him, Mr. B" perfectly captures this underwater nightmare in shades of green and blue, with menacing eyes of red, a Big Daddy towering over the ruined city that quakes underfoot and cowers with the spin of his drill, protecting the Little Sister in his charge. Chilling. I screamed every time I heard one of them running at me from behind. I need to play it again. It's been too long.

Missed this tee? If it's any day other day than the day I published this post then the answer is yes. If I haven't updated the links yet, just ask and I will try to find it at another site for you.

Got your fill of gaming tees? Looking for something else? Please also see for other shirts, hoodies, posters and more depicting, and often mashing up, my favorite things, such as Doctor Who and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Not only do I post shirts; often I'll talk about the particular series or movie and what it means to me. Sometimes I'll even start with a novella's worth of words about an episode and then maybe have a shirt at the end. It all depends on what's avaialble on the day and the mood of the piece I've written. Sometimes I don't even post a shirt at all. If you'd prefer to not wade through all that, I'll be sad, but you can just go directly to all T-Shirts.


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