Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Chronicles of L.A. Noir, Part 1

I'm driving to a street crime half way across town in L.A. Noir. Seeing how fast and far I can go with my siren on and without hitting with someone. I accidentally take a wrong turn and it's when I'm going maybe 5 MPH that some a-hole sideswipes me. Why not? Well, really, it's kind of my fault. Then a few mnutes later I'm almost there and see a dump truck I know I've never been in. I stop him and get in number 71 of 95. Woohoo! But I stopped near a gas station. Of course, I had to drive right into the pumps to see of anything would happen. Boom! Officer Down. Case Failed. HA! Oh, wait, now I have to drive to the street crime again. Damn it. That's me. Always thinking ahead.

Why didn't I take a screenshot? Because I thought of it only after it reloaded. Then I finished the case and ended up back at the precinct, where there was another vehicle I hadn't driven yet: a firetruck. :D And right across the street was another gas station. >:D So, I did it again. Then the game wouldn't pause when I blew myself up and I didn't get a picture. *grumble* *sigh* I guess I'll try again later...maybe.

There will probably only be a couple posts about this game since I'm certainly more than half way through and life is busy.

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