Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dead Space 3 Premiered at E3

Holy shit, I don't want to fight that. Bring it on! If you watched the video, you know what I'm talking about.

Dead Space 3 will be amazing. Heart-stopping enemies out of nowhere, extraordinarily creepy atmosphere and visuals (same reason Silent Hill is so effective), and great story and voice acting all combine into a very memorable package that I could play until the end of time. I gasped, shuddered, shrieked, and loved the first two games so much I played through both four times, starting on Zealot, then Zealot again with all my weapons and upgrades, then Casual to see how quick it was, and something else for an achievement I somehow missed. Then I tried Hardcore and realized there was no way I had that kind of time to be replaying hours over and over again, because there are only three saves. That's a big deal for me. There's not a lot of time to devote to games, and so I don't play too many more than once.

So, I checked my achievements and it turns out I never unlocked the Zealot achievement. I finished the game twice on that and nothing. I don't switch difficulty levels when something is too hard either...never. So, that's wonderful. I think Microsoft is going to be hearing from me.

Don't care how, I want it now. Sadly, Dead Space 3 won't be out until February 2013. Pre-order yours today...or later. You've got some time. If you haven't played Dead Space yet, you have no more excuses.

Dead Space
PS3, $19.99
Dead Space 2
Xbox 360, $29.99


Dead Space 2
PS3, $29.95

Dead Space 2
Limited Edition Game Guide, $25.99


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