Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Glad to Have Revision 3 Games

No gamer should ever have to go without the Sess, so it's great that Revision 3 Games came along and Sessler's Soapbox returned in the form of Sessler's Something a little while ago. I was very disappointed when G4 cut him loose, but at least I could keep up to date on Twitter. And now that they've rid themselves of X-Play completely, meaning no more Morgan or Blair, I have no reason at all to watch that pathetic channel. X-Play was the only reason I came back after they cancelled Call for Help. That and the Quantum Leap marathons. Oh, well, nothing lasts forever. All I really need are Adam's opinions and reviews anyway. It doesn't really matter how I get them. Here's the latest...

I always dread a new console generation. I never have the money for it. I would love just once to be an early adopter, but I need to wait for some kind of deal or a price drop. Wouldn't mind if someone got me one as a gift, though. Hint, hint. ;) As for microtransactions, I don't usually care for them, but I don't go nuts because they're available. Of course, if a company makes microtransactions necessary to finish a game then I will certainly make a fuss. As always, Sessler is a level-headed source of gaming info. Probably why I've been a viewer for more than a decade.

Oh, and a little thing called Dead Space 3. Besides Halo, I have to say this is my favorite series. I played the first two much more than I should have. It never got boring and always had scream-for-mommy scares and creepiness to rival Silent Hill, even on my fourth play through. (I just can't stand being pursued by something that can kill me in seconds.) I try to always keep my hopes very low, especially with trilogies since the third installments can be let downs and ruin your opinion of the first two. That way I'm never disappointed. I'm either surprised or indifferent to the results. The only time I let expectations run rampant was with Fringe, and I was still amazed by the incredibly well done ending. So, with Dead Space 3, I went in expecting nothing and I'm very happy to see it's been getting some great reviews. It will be the next must buy game for me.


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