Saturday, June 28, 2014

If You Have Always Wanted to Wear an N64

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It's about time there's a video game shirt that I actually want to post. There have been some since the last one that I've liked, but I completely missed them while I was working. Also, I don't do Link, and it seems more than half of the game shirts I see feature him. I know it's terrible of me, but I never got a chance to play more than a few hours of one Zelda game. I probably got distracted by the latest FPS or racing game, and my brother played it enough for the both of us. Eventually I may finish Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or Wind Waker, but I have a backlog of games extending into the dozens of dozens. Just like all the books on my shelves I'll never have a chance to read, some games keep slipping further and further into the past. But I will always fondly remember the little N64, which I still have and which still works, for giving me Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, and Goldeneye. To this day I love bouncing on top of things, shooting things out of the sky, and thinking about martinis while shooting things on the ground...virtually, of course.

Today is a versus day, so you can pick Titan Pilot Traing Academy over 64 Bit. Or get both! I don't have money for an Xbox One yet, but I really wanted to play Titanfall. By the time I can afford a new console, everyone will be playing the next thing. Hopefully a sequel.


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