Friday, May 9, 2014

8-Bit Legend ~ E.T. Tee

 photo 1399398172_b-MCO-8BitLegend_zpsbc7440b7.png

Gaming tees are few and far between at the daily shirt sites, and there are even fewer that I like enough to post about. So I'm very happy that there's a great one today that also happens to be connected with a real-life story. I was always interested in the game so bad all the unsold copies were supposedly trucked to and buried in the desert in New Mexico, It's part of gaming history; all of it interests me. And now they've unearthed poor little E.T. But why? It's for a documentary that Zak Penn (The Avengers) is doing for Microsoft. I might just watch that doc.

8-Bit Legend is available until the end of the day and starts at $11. Shipping starts at $3.

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