Monday, October 27, 2014

Grand Walking Dead

 photo GrandWalkingDead600px_50q_zps3d65b2fc.jpg

I've seen a few Grand Theft Auto-themed shirts before, but this is the best. It's The Walking Dead! Unfortunately, there is only so much room on the shirt and it's missing Maggie, Glenn...wait a sec, where's Carol? Rick and the Gang only survived Terminus because of her. But Gareth gets recognition? Well, yeah, I can see that, because season V started with his nonchalant murdering people for food. Carl should have given up his spot to Carol. Because of this little oversight, I checked IMDb just to be sure that the show and game match up, that this is the fifth season of The Walking Dead, so I Googled it because that's always faster with the way my iPad first puts the cursor in the search box. The snippet said "Spoiled playboy billionaire Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead..." I think we have another crossover here. ;)

Anyway, I'm just now realizing that I don't think I have a TWD tee or a GTA tee. That's not right. I have to remedy this situation. Eventually. I have bought too many things lately, like an iPad Air that should be arriving by tomorrow. But you can get one for $10 today or $15 tomorrow at Ript Apparel.



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