Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye Sess

Holy shit! Have I really been gone since December? Wow. Well, I didn't move on to Forza. Instead I decided on Mass Effect 2. (Yes, I'm far behind and should be on the third game, but that's a story for another day.) I don't know when I started, but Raptr says I've played for 72 hours. But for the last month I've had to take it easy because I hurt the outermost knuckle on my left hand, really hurt. Then I messed up my right hand compensating for the left. Ridiculous. I've also been working on a post about Fringe since January, which is now more of a rant/love letter type of thing.

Wait, why did I come here? Oh, yeah. So, everyone now knows about Adam Sessler leaving X-Play last week. This is very sad, because he was the reason I watched Extended Play in the first place, before G4 gutted TechTV. I will still watch the show, because I love Morgan and Blair. But Sessler always made me laugh and will be missed. He was a true 5 out of 5. Follow Adam on Twitter to find out where he goes from here.


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