Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wish I Had Time to Revisit Arkham City

X-Play Blair ~ "If you haven't picked up Batman: Arkham City, I'm gonna be honest with you. You're dead to me, completely and utterly dead to me, 'cause that game is amazing and you have no excuse not to play it. But you can correct this horrible mistake, the worst one you've ever made in your entire life, by grabbing a copy of Arkham City Game of the Year Edition..." (Blair Herter, X-Play)

So, PLAY IT! It's about damn time. Of course, I really have no room to talk. I'm behind on so many games. I'm just now getting near the end of Mass Effect 2. Never had the chance until recently even though I had the game. I refused to start it without my Mass Effect game save which was on my brother's Xbox, but there was a long period of time I didn't visit his home much. We got together, but it was more movies, dinner, and then go our separate ways again.

Just a little side note, because it's the first thing that I think of when someone mentions this game. I play every game I can on the hardest difficulty available. I love a challenge. But I almost threw the controller in frustration trying to fly Bats into a cage on the water. It inspired the words, "Oh, so much fuck you, man, I can't even begin to fuck you enough," which I swear I tweeted. This guy says it took him a minute to get this trophy. I remember it taking me many, many...many..........many minutes to give up and try again another day. It seems he did it the exact same way I did, but I just couldn't get a handle on not dive bombing like a penguin or overcorrecting into the cliff. Maybe it was the controller, but I don't think that was half broken until a bit later.

Why not help another gamer out? Please buy Arkham City at DeepDiscount. They would be Amazon links, but they don't do business in my state anymore.

Batman: Arkham City (Xbox 360)
Batman: Arkham City (PS3)

Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition (Xbox 360)
Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition (PS3)


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