Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Need to Finish This Game

"Skyllian Verge," my brain whispered today. What? Then it went away. "Skyllian Verge," it just said again. Are you kidding me? Was that from Mass Effect 2? Are you trying to tell me that I'm taking too long? Shut up. It's not my fault this month has been ridiculously busy and my save from the first game was stuck on my brother's Xbox for two years. Here, occupy yourself with this...

Lovely concept art to tide me over until I can finally start Mass Effect 3. Interesting that at 0:54 the picture and music combine to make me think of Goldeneye.

Concept artist talking about Mass Effect 2. I'm addicted to behind-the-scenes stuff in games, movies, and TV. I always wish I went into one of those fields.


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